Bingo is Back

Delta’s Drive-In Bingo & Delta Bingo at Home – With our reopening, we will no longer be offering these gaming options (last Delta Bingo at Home game is Aug 7) as we focus our attention on in-centre gaming. Please let our charities know that we can take these items out of promotional rotation. (If these pieces live … [Read more…]

A message from our sponsor – Delta Bingo

Delta Bingo continues to engage the customers by providing Bingo-at-Home here is the link, In April, Delta Bingo is introducing a 50/50 Draw, details below: Delta’s 50/50 Draw is here! The first draw will take place April 24th at 7pm and features a MINIMUM $10,000 PRIZE! Buy your tickets now at!

Delta’s Drive In Bingo is Back

Drive In Bingo is back at the Delta Brampton bingo hall. Customers can Reserve their parking spot at The first date is scheduled for Sunday June 20, @ 1 pm the dates are subject to change based on governmental restrictions. Here are the following dates: Thursday June 24, 2021 @ 7 pm Saturday June 26, 2021 @ … [Read more…]

Календар – Април 2021

Април 18, Неделя 5та Неделя на Великия пост – Преп. Мария Египетска 10:00 ч Април 25, Неделя 6та Неделя на Великия пост – Връбница – Цветница Раздават се върбови клонки за здраве 10:00 ч Април 30, Петък Велики Петък, Царски часове, Вечерня с изнасяне на св. Плащаница Църквата е отворена цял ден за поклонение пред … [Read more…]

Delta Bingo-at-home

You can play Bingo from home for real cash prizes with Delta Bingo & Gaming! Don’t miss out – buy your cards today at

Delta Bingo Update

At this time the bingo hall is currently closed but the centre is still offering customers bingo at home And they are also having a food drive The hall is open on Tuesday from 10 am – 8 pm and Wednesday from 10 am – 5 pm for players to pick up the … [Read more…]

Thank you Delta Bingo!

We, the parishioners at St. Dimitar Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church, would like to thank Delta Bingo for their charity involvement and continuous support.