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That’s why I found necessary to ask the brothers to come to you and take care early, so that your alms to be ready as a result of generosity, not avarice. I would like to say with this: who sows scantily, he will reap scantily; and who sows lavishly, he will also reap lavishly. Everyone to allot as his heart gives him, without being grudge and without forcing; because God loves the one who gives willingly. And God is able to multiply any grace in you, and as always you have any satisfaction in everything, to be generous in every good work, as it is written: “who gave away to the poor, his righteousness will last forever.” And the One, Who gives seed to the sower and bread for food,may give an abundance of the sown by you and make you increase the fruits of your righteousness, to be rich in everything for every generosity, which calls thanksgiving to God through us. Because the ministry of this service not only fill the privations of the saints, but also,in many it calls for profuse thanks to God; and they, trying the fruits of that ministry, praise God, because you obey the Christ’s gospel, confessed by you, and communicate generously with them and all, and they pray for you, because they love you too much for the grace of God plenty in you. Thank God for His unspeakable gift “(1 Cor. 9: 5-15)

Let’s do it “every first / Sunday / day of the week let every one of you spares out what he can” (1 Cor. 16:2)

Because truth and righteousness are the words of Christ:

“And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and watched people giving money into the treasury. Many rich gave much. And а poor widow came and threw in two mites, which make a farthing. Jesus called his disciples, and said them: It is true, this poor widow gave more than all that put into the treasury, because all released from their abundance, but she, due to her poverty, put everything she had, her whole livelihood. “(Mark: 12: 41-44)

So God blesses us for the zeal in charity and bestows comfort and great mercies ……

To become our sponsors or partners
you may be included:

  • 1.In a PROGRAM FOR ADVERTISING YOUR COMPANY OR BUSINESS – $ 500 lump-sum for one year. Your logo will stand in the directory “Sponsors”, and also it will be announced on every holiday, organized by us.
  • 2.Participate with twelve pre-written check at your discretion.
  • 3.Be single grantors in kind or in cash.

Saint Dimitar Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church would like to THANK YOU for all voluntary contributions AND INVITE you all diligently to support us in the care for the beauty and maintenance of our glorious building.


Thank you!!!