The parishioners and friends of St. Dimitar church want to express gratitude for the support provided by Delta Bingo

In these times of continuous hardship after 2 years of a global pandemic, the parishioners and friends of St. Dimitar Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church would like to express their gratitude for the consistent support of Delta Bingo through its Charitable Gaming initiative. Thanks to these funds, the church has been able to provide support to its parishioners in need, provide a place of worship in times of spiritual need and moral support for anyone that needed it.

Енориашите на храма Св. Димитър биха искали да изразят своаята благодарност на Делта Бинго за тяхната подкрепа чрез своята инициатива за подпомагане на благотворителни организации (Charitable Gaming initiative). Благодарение на тези средства, храма беше отворен за всички нуждаещи се от морална и духовна подкрепа.