The members of the Parish can be Bulgarians and their descendants, including the spouses of such Bulgarians, who are not of such descent, and who are of the age of 18 years or over and confess the Orthodox Faith.

May be accepted as members persons who are not of Bulgarian origin in spite of their nationality and race, but they must confess the Orthodox Faith.

All persons who meet the requirements of Section 9 and wish to become members of this parish shall make application therefore to the Executive Committee of the Church.

The Executive Committee invites in a written form the applicant at least 2 weeks before the date for the General Meeting where his application will be in the agenda.

Every applicant is obliged to attend the meeting at which his application for membership is dealt with.

If an applicant is unable to attend the General Meeting where his application is dealt with, then his application is to be deferred to another meeting and the applicant is to take over the responsibility to learn the date and time for the meeting himself.

The General Meeting may reject one’s application for membership – should there be sufficient grounds for such action.


Loss of Membership

A member, who develops a conduct inconsistent with and unbecoming a member of the church might be excluded from the membership by the General Meeting by secret ballot on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is obliged to inform in a written form for its intention at least 2 weeks before the General Meeting.

The President shall divulge to the meeting all the relevant facts and reasons for exclusion. If present, the member in question is given the opportunity to speak to the General Meeting.

For the expulsion of a member there must have voted affirmatively by secret ballot at least 80% of the present members.



The Executive Committee recommends to the General Meeting the amount of the membership dues and this recommendation is to be subject of vote.

The Membership dues are to be paid in advance on the Annual General Meeting.

The applicants for membership pay their membership dues after being accepted to be members by the General Meeting.

Members of age of 70 years and over shall be exempt from paying dues. Also exempt from paying dues are poor members if this is decided by the Executive Committee. This decision is valid for one year. After this period the Executive Committee may prolong it.


Regular Members

Regular members of the church are those who pay regularly their membership dues as under the provisions of Section 18.

The name, date and place of birth, occupation, marital status, as well as the date of his admittance as member, and date when he ceases to be a member, and the dates when his dues are paid, shall be entered in a special membership book.

A newly enrolled member shall have the right to be elected.


Duties, Obligations and Right of Members

The members are obliged to attend the Divine Liturgy, to receive Holy Communion at least once per year, to visit the Christian educational courses, to live in conformity with the precepts of the Christian religion. To bring their children in the church if they are at appropriate age and to encourage them to visit the Sunday School as well as the Bulgarian language school. To bring up their children according to the Orthodox Fait as well as to cooperate in every way toward the welfare and prosperity of the parish.

The rights of the members are: to attend Regular and Special Meetings, to take part in the discussions, to vote, to be elected as Church Trustees or as members of the Church committees.


Membership application form: